You can set up an online account by following the steps below:

  1. Click Register Now to get started.
  2. Key in your personal information as well as your account number or your SSN, then click Continue.
  3. Follow the prompts for User ID, Password.

Once successfully logged in, it will direct you to the Account Summary page.

Forgot your password? Just enter your username associated with your SunPower Financial account, and we'll reset your password.

Forgot your username? We can help you figure it out. You will need to provide us with some information so we can verify your account. An email will be sent to the email address on file and provide further instruction.

You will receive your statement approximately 20 days prior to the due date of your payment.

You can view your billing statement by logging into your account and clicking Manage Account and then Account Documents. This will give you access to view all billing statements while your account is serviced by SunPower Financial.

Yes, you can set up to receive paper statements through the online portal.

Yes, you can set up automatic payments online at or by calling us at (833) 514-1858 (7AM-7PM CST, Mon-Fri)

Yes, you may cancel the automatic payments, provided you give at least a three business day notice prior to your scheduled payment date. However, we advise customers to keep the accounts setup with electronic payments to continue receiving the monthly discount of $7.50.

Payments can be made in multiple ways. The easiest and most convenient way is to log in to your account and make a payment with a checking or savings account. For even more convenience, you can set up recurring payments online so that your payments are made automatically. You can also use bill pay through your bank's online bill pay service. (Make sure they don't charge a fee!) Payments can also be sent via mail to SunPower Financial PO BOX 845073, Dallas, TX 75284-5073 or made by calling SunPower Financial at (833) 514-1858.

Yes, you may call us at (833) 514-1858 (7AM-7PM CST, Mon-Fri) and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you in processing your payment over the phone.

Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards as a payment source at this time.

Yes, we accept payments by wire transfer. You may call our office at (833) 514-1858 (7AM-7PM CST, Mon-Fri) and speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives for more information.

No, there is no limit on the amount that you can pay in one day.

Yes, you can change the monthly due date to any day of the month except for your first monthly payment. Please note that your due day cannot be on the 29th, 30th or 31st of the month.

You may be eligible for a federal tax credit. Please consult with a tax professional for specific advice and details on the amount of the credit.

In accordance with your financing agreement, SunPower files a UCC and fixture filing to secure an interest in the solar system. This is not a lien on your property. The UCC protects SunPower's interest in the solar system and prohibits mortgage lenders from taking ownership of the solar system.

You may call us at (833) 514-1858 (7AM-7PM CST, Mon-Fri) or send us a message once logged into our portal for more information.

Your security is important to us. To ensure that your personal information stays safe, we utilize multi-factor authentication. The first time you log into your account from a new device or browser, you'll enter your username and password as usual. Then, you will be asked to enter a unique code that we will send to you via email. Check your email for the access code and enter it when requested. If you have questions or need help logging in, contact us.

Please e-mail or call 1-800-786-7693 (Mon-Fri 6AM-7 PM PST | Sat 7AM-4PM PST).

Any SRECs generated by your system are owned by the owner of the system. If you lease your system, the Lessor owns your system, and you are not able to monetize SRECs. Please contact us at if you have further questions.

Yes, your SunPower invoice is separate from your utility bill—so you will continue to receive a bill from your utility company. For more information related to your utility connection charges, please contact your utility company.

Home Loans

The first payment due date will be approximately two calendar months after the “Installation Date” (i.e. date the installation started on the solar system). If the Installation Date falls on the 29th, 30th, or 31st of the month, your first payment due date will be on the first day of the month following two calendar months after the Installation Date. All other required monthly payments will be due on the same day of each following month. We will send you a written or electronic notice of the first payment due date and amount due after the Installation Date.

Yes, you can make additional payments by calling us at (833) 514-1858 (7AM-7PM CST, Mon-Fri) or by logging into your online account at

Your account will automatically re-amortize 18 months after the Installation Date, based on your financing agreement terms.

At the re-amortization, the monthly payment will be adjusted in a manner to fully repay the financed amount over its remaining scheduled term. The newly adjusted monthly payment (if adjusted) will become due on the 19th month after the installation date.
You are strongly encouraged to review your statements and all mail from SunPower Financial to stay informed about the re-amortization date and any adjustments to the monthly payments.

Your agreement is designed so that if you make all monthly scheduled payments on time and make sufficient voluntary prepayment(s) as specified in your financing agreement within 18 months of your installation date, your subsequent monthly payments will stay approximately the same.
You are not required to make any prepayments under the agreement. However, if you do not make enough prepayments approximately eighteen (18) months after the Installation Date, the subsequent monthly payments will change to the level required to repay the unpaid amount financed with accrued finance charges over the remaining scheduled term. The calculation of this subsequent monthly payment amount will consider any early, late, or additional payments you have made and/or any missed payments.

You can refer to your financing agreement or call our office at (833) 514-1858 (7AM-7PM CST, Mon-Fri) or send us a message once logged into our portal for more information.

Yes, you can pay off your account at any time with no prepayment penalties. To request a payoff quote, please log into the portal where you can generate this based on your desired payoff date.


As stated on the contract your first monthly payment is due on the one-month anniversary of the Lease Term Start Date. If the Lease Terms Start Date occurs after the 28th of the month, your first monthly payment will occur on the 1st of the second following month. For example, if the Lease Term Start Date is January 30, your first monthly payment will occur on March 1.

Your first invoice may include multiple monthly charges due to a delay in the completion of your solar documents. The first monthly payment is determined by the “Contract Term Start Date” or “System Activation” date. You may call our office at (833) 514-1858 (7AM-7PM CST, Mon-Fri) or send us a message once logged into our portal to inquire about this further and discuss the available payment options.

The “Contract Term Start Date” is the date when the SunPower Solar System was activated at your home. It is referred to as the “Placed in Service” date.

You have a 10-day grace period. If your payment is not posted within the 10-day grace period, you will incur a late fee.

The sales tax on the agreement is an estimate—calculated at the time your agreement was generated. The actual sales tax amount is based on the tax rates provided by your state, county, and city.

Yes, you can make advance payments by calling us at (833) 514-1858 (7AM-7PM CST, Mon-Fri) or by logging into your online account at

Yes, you can request a buyout quote by calling us at (833) 514-1858 (7AM-7PM CST, Mon-Fri) or by logging into your online account at